Company Profile


The company AMTECH was founded 1992 in Dreieich – Germany.

Dieter Rothland, Managing Director of AMTECH Pressen GmbH, has ample experience and a vast knowledge, based on twenty years of working with a major manufacturer of single- and multi-daylight presses.

Since 1994, AMTECH has resided in Krefeld and Neukirchen-Vluyn / Germany.

In the following years the AMTECH company specialized more and more in:

Engineering – Consulting – Service

AMTECH is / can

  • specialized in any type and make of hydraulic presses
  • experienced in analyzing every detail of presses and processes
  • plans and engineers modifications of presses as well as the upgrading for a higher output and better quality
  • manufacture and supply complete NEWShort-Cycle Press for melamine direct lamination. Including associated hydraulics, electrical and heating equipment. Assembly, commissioning and start-up


See our Examples for engineering and realized projects.